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howdy all, new here

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hey everybody, i am totaly new here, just wanted to say hey, and i wanted an opinion on something.

i bought a 1980 yamaha xs 400 special 2 last summer for $250 with a new batery, sylonoid, and fairly new tires on it, it was a lil banged up, but i thought it would be a perfect project for me. so being an auto body tech i took the bike apart and redid the tank and fixed the side covers, put different bars on it and new mirrors on it, lol and some other odds and ends here and there, but basicaly what i was wondering is if u guys think it would be worth it to make an all out looking cafe racer out of the lil guy?? um so call me a dumby, but how do you post pics on here?
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To post pics you've got to first upload them to a picture hosting website (I use, but there are many others). Once your pics are uploaded, you can copy and paste them in between the code commands in your post. If you're confused about how to use the code commands, click on the underlined [u]Forum Code</u> link just to the left of the text box as you are typing your post.

Shit, did that make any sense?

An 80 XS400 is a bit "new" for an easy cafe job. If you're going for the "classic" cafe look, its going to be a challenge making a seat/tank combo that looks the part. There isn't much out there you're gonna find that will fit on the first try. It may involve a LOT of fabrication and creative thinking.

That said....screw it man. After all, at its core a cafe bike is nothing more than a home-built street racer. Strip it down, set it up for hard riding and go man go.

Honda go sideways!

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