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Rearsets look like typical Tickle/Dunstall/Kuhn/Read Titan of the era. Commando front brake should work if it has decent linings. Swept back pipes. Yes. rev counter timing cover and what might be a K2F magneto. Yes. 9 stud T120 splayed port head, OK. Pre-slickshift gearbox. OK with 5 speed internals. Tank is a taste thing. I prefer the Lyta short circuit style but it ain't my bike. Comical rear hub, like a Manx replica. That's good too. Concentics are period but tend to weep and stain things. Easy to jet though.

Agree that it's a great start and just needs some tidying up. Keep posting please. haven't seen a Triton in a while and that's the era I grew up with bikes.
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