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Hey Doug,
Welcome to the board. I see that you have a handle on modern sport bikes, but how much experience do you have riding 30 year old bikes? They are different in all aspects of handling, brakes and comfort. I would recommend that you use the search function here since CB750s have been discussed many many times. We have several actual experts here that you would do well to listen to even if you choose to do something different. Many have been owning, riding, racing and rebuilding these things since they were new. If you have also, then jump in and share your wisdom.
To be honest, riding for 18 years means you probably started on a 1990 era bike and picking up a pair of Honda 400 Automatics and a non-running, parts missing, CB750 does not speak volumes to me about your knowledge of older Hondas. The pictures of your street fighter and track day bike and your earlier posts also don't lead me to suspect that you have a bunch of experience with older bikes and cafe bikes in particular. Because of that, if I were to give you advice about your choices, I would have started out with some very basic advice which you may have taken as condescending and obvious.
Again, welcome to the board, good luck with the CB750(they are never as easy to get running as you think they should be) and I'll be interested to see what you do with the CB400As. They were an interesting bike when they came out albeit a little slow with questionable handling and brakes.

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