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Ok, so those who know me know I have had a run of bad bike luck. The anvil (blue cb750) got a flat, I broke the girlfriends cb360 twice, blew the ignition box in my brother's cb750F, and today broke down on a friends cb750F. So to celebrate the return of the anvil and the end of my bad bike luck I picked her up from my parents house and went for a ride.

So, I catch two squid boys napping at a traffic light on their new plastic fantastic rockets, twirling taillights and all. Seeing a green light and a clear interection I did the bastard thing, gave them a 70mph flyby. Quick to respond I hear the whine of 15000 rpm jap motors and even see the flash of a headlight from the wheelies they were pulling behind me. They catch me right before I have to make a right turn, so I flip the blinker and so do they. I downshift, the tire squeaks a little and grabs, and I pitch her over until I hear the right pipe dragging. Both of the crotch rockets, a cbr600rr and a gsxr 600, are stunned as I pass them on the outside and pull ahead. Of course victory is fleeting as they figure out their machines have more power than mine and blow by me on the straight. By the next red light they are long gone. A 50 something on a sporty pulls up next to me at the red light and apparently he was waiting at the light at that intersection when I took the rockets on the outside. He asks me the year of my bike, 1975, and then says very slowly..."that was awsome".

I am such a tool....but it still felt good.
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