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i gots questions....craig.

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2. craig, who did ya get yer pvl from??? do you have number on it so i can start searching??? i only want the coils and kit without the mounting plate. did ya get t from buff?? whadya pay? someones gotta know what they paid for these things.

3. im looking for a set of right side stock pipes for my cb550. if anyone comes across a set, a nice set, im looking.


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its alright. i talked to buff already. ill just get it from him. does his mounting plate screw to the cases or just get glued on?? im going to have my cases machined down to accept a plate that wont need glue and tap some holes. 450 sounds right but i though i had to buy coils seperately. why doesn't everyone have one of these???? seems like a no brainer.

tex, those right side pipes work great, but that battery acid accident makes them look like shitola. itss so nice to have the right pipes on there now though. now i have to clean my bike. it looks like ass. guess ive been riding it too much! and thanks again.

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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