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hooowww LOOONG (sing like an old school Neal Young Tune "Southern Man"
I drive by this car lot and parked out front was a Rice Rocket, wildly painted ,long ,polished aluminium swing arm,FAT tired,exstensively and expensively air brushed body work .I thought as I drove by "I wonder how that thing goes".
Sure enough I heard in the distants a Hyper limit rev'd engine screaming at the top of its fuelie lungs,then the massively brokin up sound of fuel starving ,valve floating,cacaphone of horable mechanical sounds .
Well you would hope the poor bastard would let off the machine....yah his pride would hurt to much as he made such a massive loud, road ripping show just seconds ago...he stayed on it, it stayed stumbling and valve slapping and long how long will he stay on the throttle.......
Just goes to show you you just cant have some one bolt on pieces to your custom bike they still need to be dialed in on a dyno you cant just guess with these modern bikes you HAVE TO KNOW!

Im so far behind ,that I think Im in first.

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