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Being an elf an all....
I was just talking to Santa Claus, and there's some trouble up North.
The Claus'es are in a quandry. Rumor has it Jeremy is racing in the the 200 class this year on an under powered Honda, and the Jolly round guy (Santa, not Tony the knife!) is looking for an appropriate gift!
Great consideration has had to go into the develpment of his new bike.. especially in regards to drag coefficients....therefore the same must be true for his gift....
After hours of deliberation, It has been decided that if this bike is to actually "get up on go", the issue of Head size to horsepower must be seriously considered! To further complicate the issue, the addition of suplimental cranial coverage could possibly add enough surface mass to effectively stop all forward propulsion. Although Santa's elves have likened this anomoly to dragging a buchet while rowing a canoe, some tend to believe it is far more serious! Myself and Santa are among the believers, and have therefor commissioned the Anapolis Ship Works in Maryland to fashion an Angular Skull Covering similar to those worn by professional speed cyclists, which will act as a diffusing wing to help with forward momentum. You can imagine however, the atmospheric disturbance or "wake" if you will, that this may create by dispersing such an enormous amount of air in such a limited space as Loudon New Hampshire.....To this end, Santa has decided that this year Jeremy will just get coal for Christmas.

The up-side however is that we are pretty sure McGiver Clancy will know the steps necessary to somehow devise an internal combustion engine that will create 40 BHP, and run 2000 miles on a single nugget!

Merry Christmas to all!!!

Johnny Boudreau - Self Conscious and Distraught
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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