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Does anyone know where i can get a 3 in 1 exhaust system for my 73' suzuki gt550 project. I've been lookin everywhere for the damn thing but i can't seem to locate one. Thanx Ps. i'll post those other spare parts pics later on this evening..

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well for starters you don't want a combined exhaust system on a two stroke. It's bad. The buffalos seem to do ok with them but it is still a smaller power band than stock. Ideally one pipe per cylinder.

I can't find it now but there used to be plans on the net for making your own chambers for the gt550. There are people out there (tomcat on the kawi triples board) who will make custom chambers, and I think there is still one mfg that makes them regulary (Jemco in houston, Tx).

Stock pipes are going to be expensive either way you slice it, so you are better off with chambers.

Otherwise you can troll ebay for one of the back in the day 3 into 1 pipes but they don't come up often and will cost more than a new set of 3 into 3s.

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Tommy Crawford bought all the old Bassani two stroke tooling and is making pipes:

T.C. Exhausts
(909) 658-4205
1126 Navarre Drive
Hemet, CA 92543

He was getting $350 for a 3 to 1 pipe quite a few years ago so I don't know what he charges now.

Jemco might be able to make a 3 to 1 as well

Jemco Racing Exhaust
(713) 461-3834
1919 Blalock Road #B
Houston, TX 77080

Geeto is correct about a 3 to 1 pipe killing the powerband. Your midrange will be fine or even a little fatter so if you live in a city and plan on using the bike for stoplight to stoplight runs, go for a 3 to 1. If you ever plan on running on a highway and would like to be able to get past 65-70, you may want to think about some 3 to 3 chambers.

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