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I think I'm in trouble!

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Just wanted to say that I'm basket case after buying my new cb400 basket case... Notice the parts bike in the background with the XR forks and knobby tires. I really don't know how this will turn out but oh well! Wish me luck!

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wow, this guy is sick. aaron, check out how he keeps his wrenches. whats he thinking. doesnt he know all of the cool guys haul thier tools around in plastic bag?

being a dick again

maybe jeremy should change my little title to penis.

john pic of you claiming victory at gunstock in sleazy rider. there are 2 good ones of aaron though. friggin bomber dave on the 106 honda got his pic in there and i didnt again. what the hell am i doing wrong??? maybe it IS the seat, or fender.
i was teasing aaron cuz he always shows up at the track with a bag full of tools. i dont know how he does it. he always seems to have the entire bsa apart too! i think he actually carries everything in laptop luggage. a clean tool box is a sign of a sick mind??!! doesnt it go something like that?? hows your project comming??

1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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