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i wanna be like mike

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anyone see the pics of mike on the ducati at valencia??? anyone notice the bike had passenger pegs?? holy crap man. the article on the motogp site is pretty cool. only got to 4th gear and guys were pulling in next to him and tapping him on the leg. wow. he looks like jack from nightmare before xmas on the bike though.

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I was surprised that MJ didn't dwarf the bike...I mean he looks large on it but doesn't look freakish. wanna hear me say it don't you....he doesn't look as strange on that bike as I look on my race bike.

I hate you guys.

It's worth it I guess, we get all the hot girls.

Better to look good 99% of your life and look just a little strange on a race bike.....than to look strange 99% of the time and look good 1% of the time on a 250 Ducati....or err...whatever a person might ride :)
Ohhh stop!
Course we love you...just not in "that" way.

1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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