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I wish I knew how to drive...

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E30 bmws in general are hella durable. Most the BMW techs here in NY have them and all of them are barely broken in at 150,000 miles. One thing I will never understand is bmw's insistence on using a 4 cylinder in the E30 M3 rather than a worked six. The body kits on those E30 M3's are hella gorgeous.

BTW, I read somewhere a long time ago that cars on the IOM can actually go faster than the bikes in the turns.
This is kinda interesting. Thruxton and not the Isle of Man but who knew an AWD porsche would give an R1 a run for its money?

And BTW Jeremey Clarkson is funny, but he is a bit of a tosser.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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