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we actually have a brake at the shop no one can identify. ill see if i can get a pic of it. its a honda brake, but really weird. and 90% of the stuff we have is either 350, 450, 305, or 250. so we were all stumped.

also, i tried to order some 10x1.5 jam nuts from bolt depot. they didnt have them, so they gave me the name of a place here in baltimore. (everyone has been telling me to go there, tex included) its called maryland metrics. they do all british and metric stuff as well as a bunch of other stuff. bearings, seals, etc etc etc. old racecar guys. i dont know the website, you can order online, but i do know if you go to, or, they own both of those domains and you can find them there.

they are one of those old school types of places that has literally everything you can imagine.

also, if anyone is looking for some datsun mags, 12x5 and 12x5.5, they have a set thats been sitting there apparently for about 15 years. nib. i think they want like 100 bucks for a set. black and mill finish. i know there are a couple of datsun guys here.


aaron sent my wheel!
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