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wow! what a race. just got thru viewing it (for the second time)....

i hope that kawasaki finds another bike for jack!

rossi's 139 mph average speed in the rain is just insane. i can't believe the ducati was clocked at 330/kph! i don't know exactly how fast that is, but it's got to be over 215mph!

man i feel pretty pathetic. i average 74mph at summit, in the dry, with d'angelo pushing me.

hope that minolta honda sends me a text message to come to france like they did with van goondenburg (sp?)

well, i'll talk to you all later.


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i hate to say it, but tivo is the way to go. never mis another road race. ours records shit in the middle of the night without me knowing it! it is pretty cool. and, i have it networked too. pretty neat.

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