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I have heard that a "Chris Marshall" ignition is the way to go. I have searched around and don't know where to find out how to order or how much they go for.
I also found this ignitions.htm

Not sure if this is the same thing or not

Any suggestions ??


J "not that" D
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For about $100 more than the advance/retard model you can get a PVL setup and do away with the battery and have a more accurate crank triggered ignition.

The advance system they show is pointless for a race bike (no pun intended). As all it's advance/retard curves take place before 3,000 rpm....which is just above idle speed on a race bike. For a programmable curve to be worth a crap on a race bike the curve as to be programmable from 6 -12,000 rpm.

It's the same reason stock advancer units are useless...their advance all comes in before about 3,000 rpm....a race bike spends no time below 3,000 except riding through the pits.

The cheaper system would be better for a race bike I think. However it's about twice the price of a dyna system that uses the exact same technology, tons of folks are running the Dyna system on a 350.

The best 350 system is the Henning designed PVL ...for a race bike anyway. And if you really have money to throw away a digital PVL with programmable curve. I think Marshall sells a pretty trick crank tiggered Dyna system.
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Correct on the PVL number for the 350.

Look on the Henning home page, scroll down and you will see pics and a small amount of info on the PVL kits.

PVL/Penton sells the components for the kit but does not sell the mounting plate that I know of. The plates can be had from Henning/Buff Harsh and a few others.
Perfection is a Chris Marshall ignition without battery weight or charging = PVL.

But...maybe that's just me...I don't like to carry around an extra six or seven pounds.....except in my pants.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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