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I'm about ready....

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to give up on this forum if it remains this slow.
I've got a 500k connection and I wait 5 minutes for ever page to load.

Someone help me understand the technical reasons it runs so slow. Sucks to have a 500 word replies lost due to time outs.
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I looked at a CB77 rear hub and it has the same spiral. Grease retention shouldn't be a consideration since they use cartridge bearings with shields. I know some can get by but not enough to bother.
These things may be crop circles of motorcycle design.

I'm using those shoes on the 175 now but they were in the 350 before until I got the VB setup. They work ok I guess. I probably won't change them on the 175 until they start fading towards the end of an event. The brown chipboard appearance isn't very confidence inspiring though.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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