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I'm about ready....

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to give up on this forum if it remains this slow.
I've got a 500k connection and I wait 5 minutes for ever page to load.

Someone help me understand the technical reasons it runs so slow. Sucks to have a 500 word replies lost due to time outs.
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when i'm at home on my disease ridden computer with dialup this site is fast like aaron. when i'm at my sister's house on dsl (now) this site is slow like joe c.

go figure!

so joe says, "chris is coming to summit but will only have the rs125 ready.....then he says, maybe i'll send him out on my cb350 to show you how it's done!"

i said, "joe, i could beat your bike if friggin' vale was riding it and i was on crutches!"

he just laughed that simpleton laugh of his.

i then said that "i would make chris my chinese/canadian bitch."

i hope chris marshall doesn't show up on a real stocker cb350. not to be confused with that clapped out, zebra skinned, poser cb350 that clancy pants tries to pass as a race bike.

tex "yeah, i had a few beers" mawby
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tex mawby beats chris marshall on joe c's cb350 at summit point in 500gp. next race tex mawby beats joe c. himself on same bike in 350gp. after everyone that has told joe c. that it is/was time to work on his bike and rebuild, it takes his gay lover chris to finally get it through his head.

joe, get to wrenchin'


p.s.- roper beat tex mawby in both races at summit and rabbie and j "not that" d did the same to tex up at loudon in form cb.

congrats to all but joe c.

joe c, (in voice of nelson from the simpsons) "heh heh" -tex
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1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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