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Hey, everyone.
I'm new here and thought I say hello - nice list. Names George and I live in L.A. I am currently racing my little 74 Tamaha MX 125 in CALVMX and AHRMA Regional races. About a year ago I bought a Bultaco M26 (250 Matador). I've got the engine being finished up now with Scott Clough Racing Engines up to Yucca Valley and the brakes relined with Vintage Brake.

I looked at the Bully long and hard trying to decide which way to go with it before I decided to turn her into a road racer. The engine and frame are pretty much the same as the old Metralla set up so . . . why the hell not? Aout the only original parts on the race bike conversion from the stock Matador will be the rear hub, frame and forks (enggine as well but it's been so worked that only the outside is OG) I've got a Circle F pipe laying out there too.

I've been reading the threads about tires and tentittively decided to go with the Dunlop (D208) - <<Is this the correct model number<<
from Bob Barker Tire. I guess I'd just like you guys to weigh in with your toughts on the D208 or whatever tire you like. This bike will be raced at West Coast tracks primarily unless the price of gasoline falls through the floor. I'm about 195 pounds and have ridden my 84 VF 700 Interceptor a little on the streets but next year will be my first year on a road racer in AHRMA GP 250 - Stock Block Rookie. Thanks for your help.
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