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Introduction - Cam'run_1776

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Hello, all:
I am a Maryland resident currently working on building a cafe racer out of a 1982 CB750K and 1981 CB750C. This is my first build and I'm a new rider, so although I generally work through the process on my own, I'm hoping to use this site to avoid stylistic or mechanical oversights on account of inexperience. I bought the 1981 CB750C first, then bought the 1982 CB750K after realizing it was an easier starting point (confirming what I read on this site).

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stylistic oversight number one: you bought the custom classic version and not the sports model to build on, the wheel sizes are all wrong, frame and suspension components are all marginal and the bikes weigh a ton.
... the last parts are more mechanical, although my eye goes straight to things like alloy rim upgrades and the such so in a way mechanicals can really bolster the stylistics, but that's just me.
... 400-19 and 450-18 Firestone Deluxe Champion tires.
and no front fender
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I am going to replace the CB750C shocks with the longer K model ones, but that could still be a problem because I'm also installing the battery under the cowl and larger diameter wheels. If you know what travel I should account for, please let me know.
What kind of battery?
It's not the battery specs you need to worry about, it's always a matter of: is the charging system compatible with the change in battery technology. Your bikes have dirty old charging systems that were adequate for an ancient technology lead acid battery, which is very forgiving of over-voltage.

LED lights?
We do mostly go fast performance bikes here, slammed suspension and fat tires do not make a motorcycle do anything better. Uber high performance motorcycle tires are available in a very narrow range of sizes. We like things like uber high performance tires way more then big open triangles and bone lines on a steel fuel tank thing.
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Yes, LED lights. I thought AGM batteries worked with the stock charging system because they are still lead acid. If not, do you have suggestions on how to update the charging system? Just an aftermarket rectifier, or is it more involved?
Read all this and tell me if it sounds like your old stock motorcycle charging system is going to do the job.
.... I should have built this later in the project after getting more comfortable with welding, but I didn't so had to use bondo and epoxy to clean up the awful weld job. ....
So you melted a bunch of bubble gum weld onto the frame with little to no penetration anywhere, and then filled it to make it look decent when in fact it is about as strong as hot melt glue. What's the plan for this bike are you selling it?

What you should have learned is that you don't learn to weld on your motorcycles.
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I have not done anything to the frame that could influence structural integrity. I’m talking about welding the cowl together, which is bolted to the frame. I did have to weld small tabs to the frame to bolt the cowl down, but these are positioned outside of load bearing areas.
Oh, I thought you cut the cross brace off from between the top of the rear shocks and welded a hoop thingy on the rear part of the frame right next to the frames shock mounts.
No, that cross bar thing was already cut off when I bought the bike. But that is more for securing the rear fender than anything else, anyways.
Oh is that right, I did not know that. Well it's a good thing that section of the frame does not require structural integrity.

... have you ever ridden a heavy motorcycle hard enough to actually feel the frame flex? I have, it's scary.
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