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Introduction - Cam'run_1776

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Hello, all:
I am a Maryland resident currently working on building a cafe racer out of a 1982 CB750K and 1981 CB750C. This is my first build and I'm a new rider, so although I generally work through the process on my own, I'm hoping to use this site to avoid stylistic or mechanical oversights on account of inexperience. I bought the 1981 CB750C first, then bought the 1982 CB750K after realizing it was an easier starting point (confirming what I read on this site).

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ive always loved the styling of the k models, like the sport f the best. i would put a little effort in getting the k model riding and looking good. i know my answer doesnt help in your quest for a “cafe racer” . the c model is a awfull starting point . your using the k front attached to the c frame and rear? i would use the k frame, plus you have wire wheels. the k might look ok with rearsets, different bars, 4-1, plus other performance upgrades, good luck and carry on
[QUOTE="Cam’run_1776, post: 650801, but if you have any other performance upgrades in mind, I would appreciate your input.
might get some performace with some am26 or conti classic attacks, dont know how much performance your going to get with the firestones........... need a little help here gang.
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The 1982 was shifting great so I think I will go with that one based on your input.
wouldnt hurt to check the cam chain and valve clearance’s
1 - 3 of 48 Posts
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