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I laughed when I read the “new member”stuff, and all the fist pounding on the table about “get the bike running first!”
Holy crap - for once, I’m kinda doing things right! Look at me, mum! All these years later! Woohoo!
Three years ago I came back to riding after… (ahem) a lifetime away from it. Stumbled into a 2012 Triumph weird special edition thing. It’s fantastic - so, well, can’t really do do anything with it / doesn’t really need anything done to it because it’s awesome the way it is (it had 62 miles on it).
Few weeks ago stumbled into a ‘73 CB350. Was looking for a little “get around town” kind of deal. Stock, original… running. Titled, tagged. It’s lovely. I’ll spend the winter with it, going back over all the basic services and maintenance, ensuring it’s back up to tip top and then start to make ‘er pretty and decide where she goes from there.
But then I truly just fell into…
A 2016 Sym Wolf Classic 2016. It’s a end of production run of the CB150, and looks like a mini version of my CB350, actually, right down to front disk brake. 6 years old, 8k miles, and it was basically highway robbery - seller had to unload it today before moving (nothing like crisis to drive a bargain). Mechanically sound. Has some pimples and cosmetic blemishes. Definitely needs a strong nudge down the cafe racer line. But as a fully running bike I picked up for almost nothing? This’ll be fun.
Also, I can’t even call it a China bike - it was made in Taiwan.
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