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If you're a regular on this board, or even an irregular, please post a current list of motorcycles in your possession, running or not.

I know some of you have a list in your signature line, but how up-to-date is that list?

My head sets to spin every time I hear of Tony's newest acquisition, I am led to believe that man has a Wembley Stadium-sized garage full of tasty two-strokes.

Geeto has a Gotham loft filled with treasures so vast that even he doesn't know what he has.

Some of you may only have one or two bikes. Doesn't matter. Do an inventory. Share.

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2003 Ninja 500r - main ride
2002 Honda Shadow - needs carb work
1978 Honda 400 Hawk - been sitting indoors for 15 years
1977 KZ1000 and a 1979 KZ1300 - same story as the hawk
2000 KE100 - needs rebuilt
1983 XL125 - used for trail riding
1978 Suzuki JR50 - sat outside for many years
1950's Cushman Eagle - needs carb work

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CB750C - dismantled
XR70 - play thing
SSR pitbike - 107cc manual clutch motor play thing
GS500E - looking for a frame
XR100 - parts heap
S90 - current project
misc junk under the shed. Couples of frames for xr80s and junk like that.
GL1100 - should scrap...needs an engine

Got a trailer full of dirt junk last night.
KL250 - in pieces
XR200 - alleged to run...needs countershaft work
XR100 - in pieces looks like the cam is wiped out from poking in the box last night

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1974 CL125s beautiful stocker-runs/rides
1976 CB/CR750 MAJOR Work in progress
1971 CB750 more of a bike in a box
1982 CBX sat for 15 years so it needed alot of work but its in great shape and should be on the road as soon as im done with class
1974 CB450 Beautiful stock. It was mine then a friends but is coming back to me very soon so that will be my ride for a while till everything else is done.
Then a basement filled with parts for all.

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1982 CX500 in long term storage
1971 CL100 in my dining room, waiting for a motor build
1975 Kawasaki Z1 Daily rider

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1971 CB350 Honda Racebike
1971 CB362 THR Honda Racebike
1982 MB5 Honda Racebike
1982 MB5 Honda Racebike
1982 MB5 Honda Streetbike Project
1971 CB450 Honda Project (for sale with a shit load of parts)
19?? Velosolex Moped (for sale)
1976 Batavus Moped (for sale)
1947 Aberdale 98cc Autocycle
1970 Yamaha HS1 (for sale)
1999 Derbi GPR (after 8 years and three moves, if Carlos doesn't pick these up soon....they will be for sale)
2001 Reiju RS1 (after 8 years and three moves, if Carlos doesn't pick these up soon....they will be for sale)
1968 CL90 Honda
1967 CL125 Honda
1971 Kawasaki G3
1971 Kawasaki G3 Enduro Project
and a few Schwinn Stingray Bicycles

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1977 Yamaha RD250D racer project
1978 Yamaha RD250E on the road
1979 Yamaha RD400E on the road

so much for a 'wembley stadium full of bikes' eh :)

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2003 Yamaha FZ1 (daily driver)
1992 Yamaha TDM850 (daily driver)
1972 Yamaha LS2 100 (resto-mod)
1972 Yamaha LT2 100 (in queue to be restored)
1988 Yamaha DT50 (survivor)
1989 Yamaha DT50 (resto-mod, once owned by David Parker Ray, New Mexico's "Toy Box Killer")
1990 Yamaha DT50 (in pieces)
1974 Yamaha RD60 (resto-mod)
1988 Yamaha YSR50 (survivor)
1983 Yamaha RX50 (cannibalized)
1964 Yamaha YG1 (in pieces)
1966 Yamaha YG1 (in queue to be restored)
1968 Yamaha YL1 (in queue to be restored)
1982 Honda MB5 (restored)
1982 Honda MB5 (survivor)
1982 Kawasaki AR80 (red, in queue to be restored)
1982 Kawasaki AR80 (green, in queue to be restored)
1964 Suzuki K10 (in queue to be restored)
1966 Harley Leggero M50 (found in mineshaft)
1981 Honda CM400E (Geeto's favorite bike of all time) training bike
1991-2004 Honda CB250 (thirteen total) training bikes
2004-2009 Kawasaki BN125 (five total) training bikes
1985-2004 Honda CMX250 Rebel (four total) training bikes
1999-2004 Kawasaki EX250 Ninja (two total) training bikes
1990 Honda NX125 training bike
1990 Honda NX250 training bike

Tex, if Carlos doesn't pick up the Derbi and the Rieju, count me in as interested. Also - got any spare stock MB5 carburetors?

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Running bikes, most tagged and on the road-

1970 Honda cb350
Honda CB350 vintage roadrace bike
Honda C110 50cc classic 50 roadrace bike
HOnda CA160 1969
HOnda CB160
Honda C100 Blue
Honda C100 Red (2)
Ducati Monza Jr. 1964
Triumph Tiger Cub 1955
Aermacchi HD sprint 1961
1984 Honda Spree
1969 Honda Mini trail 50 running project
1980 Puch Magnum running project.

Non running at the moment projects-
Honda CB77 Super Hawk
Honda C100 red
Honda CB125 single--I think more of a parts bike than a project
Kawasaki 175 dirt bike, carb clean should do it on this one.

Parts Bikes

Honda CA95 (2)
Honda C100 (3)
Ducati 160
Honda CB77 frames/forks/parts

Sold in last two years-
Wards/Benelli 125
Harley Sportster 883
Rieju Cosmo race bike
Batavus VA moped
Kawasaki 125 dirt bike
Honda c102 50cc
Honda CB360
Honda Gold wing--gave it away, Bob Bovee gave it to me.

Wish List-
1972 Jawa Californian 250 RED with white fenders
Royal Enfield Bullet--no idea why I want one, just do.
Vincent Black Shadow or Velocette Venom/Viper----in my dreams.

I love just looking at all these bikes, but it is getting unmanageable to keep them all up and going. I have thought of selling all but 4 or 5 off, but can't decide which ones to let go, I like them all.

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Tex, didn't notice the HS-1 'till the second go-around - how much? Photos? It really sucks that you're in upper New Massaverhampshireware or whereever, but I have a good transport company...

Oh shit. Here we go again.

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I have been good lately - since the baby has been born I have been selling slowly.


1975 cb750K ("blue")
1978 cb750F Dunstall kit bike
1976 cb750F 811cc road race motor, ex Long Island street racer ("Beast")
1972 Dunstall Norton 810 Mk2 (In Pieces)
1972 Norton Commando with 74 850 motor(in pieces)
1974 Harley Sportster XLR replica
1977 Rickman CR750 (bare frame only)
1970 cb750 K0 project.
1971 kawasaki h1 Goldstein's ex-racer with motors by Kevin Cameron
1973 kawasaki h1 (parts bike)
1974 kawasaki h1/fzr400
1975 kawasaki h1 (Blown up)
1976 Kawasaki KH500 (ex drag bike - mostly together)
1971 h1 bare frame, engine, tank....
1974 Honda CB550 Chopper

and to think I used to have more....

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1972 Triumph Daytona
1985 Harley Davidson FLHTC - with sidecar (not attached at the moment)
2003 Suzuki V-strom
1975 Suzuki RM125
1967 Bridgestone 200cc road race bike
1970 Honda CB362 road race bike
1966 Harley Davidson M65
1965 Puch M50
2003 Honda XR100
Honda XR250 (not sure on the year)
1965 Honda CB77 (in a box in pieces)

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Let me see...
1969 cb750 KO - daily runner
1969 cb750 KO - turbo - LSR runner - strip for paint
1971 cb750 K1 - 2 project bikes
1984 cr500 - just finished rebuilt motor and painted ready to race
1977 cb400F - 2 project bikes plus one extra motor
1977 Kz900 - project now under construction - assembly phase
198? DR400 Suzuki - Ice racer

9 bikes total - need to thin the herd down - no room left in the work shop..

tons of bike parts in inventory

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1963 Ducati Bronco 125 (Titled, running, mostly complete and plated for the road)
1965 Honda CL160 (Titled non-runner mostly complete)
1965 Ducati Bronco 125 (Titled, running, mostly complete and plated for the road)
1968 Triumph 500 Daytona (roadracer project mostly in pieces)
1969 Ducati 450 (Ex-roadracer titled, running, mostly complete and plated for the road)
1971 Honda XL70 (Titled, running, complete and plated for the road)
1971 Honda CL175 (Titled, running, complete and plated for the road)
1971 Triumph 650 Bonneville (Titled project mostly in pieces)
1971 Triumph 650 Bonneville (Project in pieces)
1971 Honda QA50 (Running and complete)
1971 Honda SL70 (Running and complete)
1972 Honda SL70 (Project mostly complete)
1974 Yamaha MX80(Running and mostly complete)
1974 Honda CT70 (Titled, running, complete and plated for the road)
1979 Triumph 750 Bonneville (Titled, running, complete and plated for the road)
1981 Honda XR80 (Running and complete)
1984 Yamaha TT600 (Titled, running, complete and plated for the road)
A shop full of shelves, bins, and boxes of parts.

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I'm down on my count right now.

2005 KTM 300 EXC weekly rider/ sometime racer
1979 Yamaha XT500 Flattrack racer
1995 Yamaha YZ125 family racer, currently supermotard w/tranny issues
1987 Honda XR250R project coming together very soon to replace...
1982 Honda XR200R daughter's dirt bike
1989 Honda XR100R family race/fun bike
1976 Triumph Bonneville running but recalcitrant
196* Honda S90 son's project, needs rescue

Just sold my V-Strom, looking to replace it with a 5th Gen. VFR, or possibly another big twin sport bike. Let me know what you got...

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Interesting how some organize the list by make, some by year, some by model, some by status (running, not running), some by what the bikes are intended for, etc. I'm eager to see if someone will organize by color or mileage - or even something more obscure.

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Forgot the 2006 Ducati sport 1000 and the 1964 vbb Vespa.

I literally had to imagine the garages in my mind and then do a tour to remember what I own. This doesn't include the attic in one garage which has a stock pile of frames, it all the engines and parts, etc....
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