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Is it overheating?

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Maybe I'm just imagining things but it seems like that the colder my bike is, the better it runs. More power, smoother ride, gears change without any problems. But after riding it for about an hour straight, the bike seems like it loses power, gears stick and sometimes I cant get it out of gear, the right cylinder back fires and the bike begins to idle poorly and shuts off at times.

Could it be that the engine is overheating? Maybe it's the oil? Or maybe Im just going nuts?
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What causes backfiring? Even now and then Ill get a load bang backfire but most of the time its just a soft pffffff and it always happens when I left off the throttle when Im coming to a stop.

A little poppin' n cacklin' on the downshift adds character. Sounds badass. The charm of an old sloppy twin and all...

Honda go sideways!
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