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is there a better cb750 street carb out there?

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i have a 74 cb750k with the stock carbs on it, and i'm in need of something better for a mildly modified bike. i cant even come close to being able to afford the 600-900 bucks for a set of mikunis or keihins. any suggestions?

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not to be a wet blanket...but often the stock set up is the best way to go. what sometimes seem to be simple modifications often end up causing a new problem (such as off idle surge or fatness). it all comes down to defining the problem to be solved. if you just want a faster bike, a simple carb swap won't likely be the solution (honda would have done that to begin with). bikes with racey engines often are less than enjoyable on the street. been down that road.
glad it worked for you (both); i stand humbley corrected. my tirade was based on running my racer both on the street and track for two years taking the lights on and off between events. it worked great when i rode too fast on the street, and o.k. on the track but not fast enough. years later i have a stock street bike which behaves wonderfully for all its required tasks (although the carb is 2mm bigger than stock so i guess i'm still spewing shit.) my racer now has an 8mm larger than stock carb and is all i could ask for on the track (except behind phil turk on the front straight) however, it would really suck on the street now so the shit i spewed wasn't totally off base. bottom line, if the problem is solved, you did the right thing. my mouth is now shut on this subject.

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