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Just wondering if there is a small market for aluminum parts (engine brackets, kickstands, brake rods, rear sets)for cbs and xss? Ive got a few of each and i am a machinist. Ive been working on a Cl450 for a couple of years on and off and it has some goodies All made by me. Ill try to get some pics up.

Sweet can only be completely appreciated if you have experienced sour.
It depends what you mean by market. If you are talking is there a market for you to charge harley prices for parts to go on sub $1000 bikes then no, there is not a market. However, there is always a market for reasonably priced pieces for cbs and XS's for both race and street. Based upon my observations, reasonably priced durable bolt on rearsets seem to be the missign item for both models of bikes, and probably the item you could clean up on, espically for a cb750.

There are already people out there supporting these bikes with some parts, the secret is to fill the gaps they have, make the parts they haven't made.

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