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I'm being told by a builder in my area that it would cost "thousands" of dollars to make this bike into a cafe (by myself). Why? Because it isn't a 70's model. "It wasn't made to be easily interchangeable to a cafe racer."

So, my question is - can I get this bike anywhere near decent/sporty/cafe looking ( style) without spending "thousands"?
OK well I'm spending thousands on my bike but most of the money is on Painting ($1000) and a new Tank ($1000), the other $1500 is on all the bling bits, new, bars, velocity stacks, chrome guards etc.. high lift cam lighter flywheel.
But for me it's cheaper than a newride and in the end I'll have a newer ride.

HOWEVER I could have done the whole lot for under $1000 if i wanted to do it on the cheap.
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