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jb or anyne have an opinion on this head???

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check that valve out. all the rest have a nice coating of carbon, but not that one. yes, i know there is some oil, thats from some brake cleaner i squirted in the port to see if it was leaking. comp test was good. didnt bother to do a leakdown on it. but its the right side and its the side i had issues with. it looks like it might have at some point seized a guide, but i havent been over to the shop to drop the valves yet. anyone have an idea of why there wouldnt be carbon on this?? im no tuner building genious, but no one ive asked has an idea.
i should add that the valve is that color. the blackness of it isnt from the brake clean. there is only a small amount of brake clean on it. there is only a little carbon on the face of the valve. just like it looks. the brake clean is around the seat and just above the plug hole. and no, im not reinstalling this head.



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i have a type one head in the works. a couple of them now. they have a slightly different intake port. i think the floor is different but id have to look at them again to say for sure. i think this head is fine too. this head has alot of time on it. i know typically, with hipo stuff, you can tell how things are running just from looking into the ex port and valve stem. this was an out of the frame head. the plug hole is good. no marks on the piston. decent comp. no marks on the piston or valve. but it looked like the guide had a small scuff on it. when i pull it apart, i'll be able to look at it a little closer. i'll post some pics of it when i do. it is an ineresting point about that ex valve looking so different. one is really red,a nd the other not so. hmmmm...

thanks anyway, i appreciate you giving your opinion.

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