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JC's cheater setup

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I was at the Baltimore Vintage Skunkworks last night and saw things that would make any vintage racer cringe. First off, the "stocker motor" he has is actually a 5 valve liquid cooled fuel injected 900cc engine. It may look like a stock CB350 with stock carbs but this, I assure you is an illusion. You might ask where the radiator is, right? well Joe has undergone significant amounts of surgery so that the coolant actually runs through his body to keep the engine nice and cool. The fins are just for show.

and the suspension? Ohlins drop-in 25mm cartridges straight from AMA superbike modified to fit into the stock forks. you might ask how, and I will tell you that since Joe has an Ohlins tech on his payroll anything can be done.

And the rear shocks are just as trick.

Of course he has the same traction control Colin Edwards was running last year which ain't half bad. We won't even talk about the datalogger or the custom made tires of unknown compound, once again disguised as legal tires.

So if you're in the pits at VIR, stop by Joe's pit and check out his high tech ride. From the Carbon drum brake to the titanium chain you won't be disappointed.
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If you remachine those poor spacers any more there won't be anything left to machine.

number 420 is smoking the whole field!!
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