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Jd - I saw the wolf again. I went back in side to get the camera then chased it for 2 blocks only to have shity pics.

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that's crazy. you should catch it and make it your pet.
the animals are taking over

johnny, I've heard the mountain lions are coming back in vermont also. I think it's a good thing. they make fun playmates for toddlers.
if so it won't be long before one of joe's relatives has it slowly rotating over an open fire
I don't know about godzilla but bigfoot for sure.
HAHAHA! johnny, you're a funny bastard.

sorry I missed all the spills and thrills last weekend. sounds like a fun time. joe, you should put a knobby on the rear as much as you go off the track lately.
1 - 6 of 36 Posts
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