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Jd - I saw the wolf again. I went back in side to get the camera then chased it for 2 blocks only to have shity pics.

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It's almost common knowledge now that they are back in the Adrirondacks of NY.

If I see one...I'm calling Aaron to chase it. I'll give him a beer and a cigarette and he'll chase it around like a mad man.

while taking pictures of it, talking on his cell, and rebuilding the bottom end of a a65.

thought you guys would dig it.

>talking on his cell<

It seems thats all he knows how to do these days. When was the last time he podiumed on a non sponsored ride and that did not have more than 3 entrants????

thats happened before??? jeeze, aaron must be racing more than i thought.


nows hes going to get all mad at me and say something not very nice again. then ignore me.

apparently there have been many sighting od either this thing or one just like it.

and it aint no stupid wolf.
looks like a skinny wild boar...
That's what I was a bore with the Mange or something.
if so it won't be long before one of joe's relatives has it slowly rotating over an open fire
Damn... I was hoping for some kind of fuckin alien monster and it's only a fox with the mange.
Next thing you know Godzilla will just be a chump in a monster suit.
I don't know about godzilla but bigfoot for sure.
I've got some great pictures of BigHead....

some of you may recognize him....

-nough said.

AAron wannabe.

Johnny Boudreau - Jeremy Wanna be
that reminds me of the beastie boys video where the sasquatch kidnaps them. then they go trick or treating.

jeremy, t-3 and i became reaquainted again this weekend. jb had to pick up my motorcycle for me. it was a really lame crash, and im sure it looked totally stupid. hope you can make it out next time.

Your get-off didn't look nearly as stupid as me falling on my face while running up to help you.
My freakin knee was killing me for two days, have no idea what I did to it but now it's good as new.

For a second I thought you were going to pull it off, you went through the pea gravel at about 45mph, then jumped the curb back on to the track, but lost the back end when you got back on the pavement.
you tripped in the gravel on the way over to help me. then exploded like a crashing skier. i had to look around for the walkie talkie. i didnt think i actually made it over the curb. all i remember is seeing it and thinking, "oh shit, im never going to make that" then hitting face first. it was a real laurel and hardy moment i guess. glad your knee feels better. it certainly didnt seem to slow you down at all. god you were going fast this weekend. you passed olmstead on my crappy running bike at a pretty good clip. i still dont understand how a bike that little can move around a guy as big as you. i bet you were pissed about that bolt backing out huh?? and what was hanging off of marys bike?? it looked like a shifter linkage too. (maybe it wasnt marys bike) did you see frankie chiles high side over the weekend??? then he won the 2nd race, but was penalized i think back to 2nd place. now that guy is hard core. holy crap. those sbk races were unreal.

Mary's bike lost a shifter part also, pedal was hanging just like mine except for different reasons.

Power to weight baby, at probably more than 100 lbs lighter than the average 350gp Honda, with me on it it's probably got about the same power to weight ratio as a 350.
And you might not believe it, ...but I can ride like a muther fucker. I've probably still only got 80 laps around loudon on a vintage bike. Gimme some time and I'll get it down righteous. I go faster on the way to the store to pick up bread than I do at the race track.

Going fast makes my hair stand on end, makes me giggle. I actually asked my doctor about it once. Told him I feel really good, kind of high, for an hour or so whenever I crack 130-140mph. He told me I probably had a physiological addiction to adrenaline. So I bitch slapped him, banged his nurse, stole some pain killers and rode home at a buck fifty.
That's right... I'm bad!

PS. I really did discuss it with my doctor. Ever see that bumper sticker from some Italian leathers company that says "Life Begins at 140mph" ...they ain't shitin.

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HAHAHA! johnny, you're a funny bastard.

sorry I missed all the spills and thrills last weekend. sounds like a fun time. joe, you should put a knobby on the rear as much as you go off the track lately.
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