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Anyone going?

Gearing compared to NHIS on a small bike?

Are they going to have practice at all on Friday where their doing practice all day Thursday?

Give me your transponder.

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if your borrowing joe's transponder, i'll have to lend you his cotter/hitch pin! practice on friday will goto lunch break. remember since it is a vintage only event there will be more morning practice time.

aaron, remember that usgpru is running 125 and 250 g.p. classes at that event so don't forget your two-stroke!

re: joe's clip, i wasn't going to give it to him at VIR until 3rd and final call. damn, now i guess i'll just have to go fast if i want to beat him.


p.s.- joe c, email me your address and i'll mail it down to you.
we are all a bunch on insestous bike whores! who needs parts (and what kinds) for transponders sent where?

let me know at: [email protected]


p.s.- aaron, i'll race you on my rs125 at vir. i'm not promising any great race so don't get all excited. i have to admit that i suck on the rs!

p.s.s. - joe do you want to tour my trophy collection?
o.k., this thread is getting pretty weird.


i don't have tyre warmers. i want tyre warmers. why don't you give me some tyre warmers.


i shaved!


did you get your front stand? if so maybe you can lend it to aaron.

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1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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