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I know you were only kidding. anyway, IF i go to VIR I will race the 125 in V6LW which runs on Saturday and maybe 125 if you enter it as well but I know its a long drive back and the 125 race is on Sunday. Maybe I can enter the Solo 20 (20 lap cash price race) instead. Training for an endurance race in Spain in September is why.

I have TYRESOX warmers if you want to borrow them for Daytona, Jennings, but I'll need them back for VIR. They are good warmers for a decent price. There is a new company who makes warmers and claims they are way cheap, but I gave Joe my Roadracing World or I would look. You can pick up the sox on the way or I can send them up. You can email me at work: [email protected] not or whatever you had. Or call me.

If you need other parts let me know. I have some gearing, air density meter, jets (you'll need some big ones for Daytona or you will seize the pig). Make sure you take an extra piston, ring, etc in case.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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