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Anyone going?

Gearing compared to NHIS on a small bike?

Are they going to have practice at all on Friday where their doing practice all day Thursday?

Give me your transponder.

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jackass, call me at the shop tomorrow and we can arrange for a transponder loan.

you know, if i had actually looked at my bike since last year, i probably would have known that.

haha. (nelson laugh) hey, he'll have the 125 out. probably at summit. he said he doesnt know if hes going to make vir. i dont know how much he'll actually check this. the wera bashing got him a little excited. that and branson. god, i had to endure the 45 minute tour of his trophy collection, this time with the emphasis on the uscra classes hes won. the transponder will be in the mail in the morning. do you need extra brackets?? i have them for free, oh wait, tex??

ok penis, just for that, be sure to open that transponder when you get it. i put a little note in there this morning for you. try


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theres an ad in the wera rulebook for them. (i dont know about the new rulebook though, i havent become an expert on that one yet.)

tex, do you use tire warmers?? i thought there were people who didnt. tex, be a pal and send up youre tire warmers.

ive heard its a short tour tex.

1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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