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Anyone going?

Gearing compared to NHIS on a small bike?

Are they going to have practice at all on Friday where their doing practice all day Thursday?

Give me your transponder.

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I have a mount with a clip on my front forks I stole off Chris M's bike, but thanks.

I was only kidding. I lifted it but not from you. Joe said its going to go to waste this year anyway. Are you running your 125 at VIR? I don't wnt to race you, I just needs some parts.

Chris I keep emailing you but I get them bounced back. I keep emailing

[email protected]

Whats up with that?

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You sent me a link cheap tyre warmers. Can you send it again or find me some to borrow?

Aaron is for wheel chair tires and is for advertisements on truck tyres.

Very cool... I will be talking to you soon.

Also I have a beard.

I bearded only for you.

1 - 8 of 21 Posts
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