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right now im so pissed off at the club and nhis im thinking if i dont hear something really positive from someone within the next 24 hours im going to tell you all to go f off. i sent in my entries over a month ago and they still havent run my card through. ive been emailing bette french and shes so slow about getting back to me im getting pissed. i emailed her the first of april to see why my money hadnt gone through yet and she said, we'll do them all at the the same time after the deadline. so about a week after, i emailed her again to see why it hadnt happened yet, and friday she emails back she doesnt know but she'll get back. i havent heard anything yet, and the next deadline is approaching now. if she tells me they didnt get it, or some other lame such crap, im going to tell her not to bother and that'll be it. im so tired of 6 years of this same crap. now my garage space is uncertain and everything. they totally suck. i faxed over copies of my forms last week. after getting screwed before i knew to make copies. getting more and more pissed off as the hours pass about the entire thing. its totaly amature and uncalled for. and i specifically emailed her around the forst to make sure everythign was going to happen and told her expicitly that i did not want to be without a garage if i could help it.

anyway, i guess the plan is to go though.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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