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johnny's bike

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so i met this guy john a couple years back at the chadds ford classic motorcycle auction. cool cat, however cooler daily driver.....

it's for sale, check out ebay auction number: 4590683166

every year he shows up on it and leaves a nice stripe when he left.

races with us now (again) in wera vintage.

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He's going to need that money continue the supply of drugs he must be taking if he thinks it will sell for that price :)

Very cool bike....but I bet he won't get one bid at that price. Might be able to sell it for around $10k though.

The formula I've come up with is....add up what you have into your bike, take 40% of that....that's what it will probably sell for.
Being a fan of them... I hate to say it...but Japanese bikes just don't get that kind of money unless it has a GP pedigree.

Like my 175....I'll let it go for $8,000.

Zack...are you going Metro on us? Sometimes you seem so nice and sensitive to people's feelings. College can do that sometimes...makes you think the world is all touchy feely. could result in higher lap times.
Tre-gay... I love it! really related to Andrew? If so, you definately should get on the is probably in your genes......that's GENES...not JEANS.

1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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