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johnny's bike

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so i met this guy john a couple years back at the chadds ford classic motorcycle auction. cool cat, however cooler daily driver.....

it's for sale, check out ebay auction number: 4590683166

every year he shows up on it and leaves a nice stripe when he left.

races with us now (again) in wera vintage.

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it is an excersize in silliness and i like it for that reason. almost that reason only.

Gardner Murray, as in 'related to Andrew Murray' correct? I met you at the track, and I hope you remember, otherwise this is pretty awkward.
Anyway, I vouch for this kid. Good kid, tries hard, so don't bust his chops.

You should definitely start racing, that would be sweet. Nothing's new with me, living in boston and trying to get a job. But Aaron wont get me a job at IBM because he doesn't like the idea of dating co-workers. Gay enough for ya johnnyB?

1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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