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johnny's bike

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so i met this guy john a couple years back at the chadds ford classic motorcycle auction. cool cat, however cooler daily driver.....

it's for sale, check out ebay auction number: 4590683166

every year he shows up on it and leaves a nice stripe when he left.

races with us now (again) in wera vintage.

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The Vintage stuff will eventually rise,alot of people had them in their youth ,thats why alot of them are out there.

Right now JohhnyB your formula is correct!

The differents is with vintage cars a mature buyer can still sit in a seat and drive and take the wife.

The mature bike buyer ,has a harder time justifying the purchase,wife wont ride on it ,he maybe not as alert or physically able to ride.

So that leaves the market open to a smaller segment,which is young, out of that group, you have struggling college students or affluent ones that tend to buy new bikes.

The older guys may love it but they wont buy it.

So as in vintage cars, the only thing that saves it, are movies that feature the car as a star, like .Gone in sixty seconds did for the Mustang with ELEANOR.Or the "Italian Job" did for vintage mini coopers and Lambo Muiras.

So to get the young affluent into buying them we just have to wait, until they come on the radar screen, by .a. this group and other cafers showing them on the street creating desire for them.
b.exposer vintage racing
c.a Movie or video game game featuring a good one.

Thats why there needs to be more on the street,the more attention they get, the more they will creep up.

Its really why ,I dont like to see them restored, most look like a goofy shoe when stock .

But look mean and mechanical as Cafeinated(thats what gets attention)

So Hopefully I will see you all at the "MOVIES"..nn"Hey!! How much are these raisonettes ? 8 bucks!! For a box of Raisonnettes......"

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besides look at this site lately getting a new group every week it seems so the cult-bike is growing stronger and the time will come when everyone wants them and youll hear people say "and to think...I gave mine away for 50bucks"

Ragonomics gave the world vocabulary the term" trickle down theory"
it will apply to us as people looking at custom bikes see the cost escalating ...they look elsewhere and when they do hopefully there will be cafe racer styled bike around for them to take a deeper look at and say hey .....
speaking of classic/vintage bikes in movies...a cellular one TV comercial featured a honda classic in the ad.

And a jean commercial featured a classic bike in its ad cool news means they are being come the upward prices hurry and buy you old classic bike before they are all bought up by investors and speculators..hurry hurry... George
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