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Jolly Good Vintage ride to Wyoming

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A few pics from our ride to Wyoming and the old BSA we built for the trip.
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Yeah, we wpent the winter building up the bikes and left from Oklahoma. Camped our way north, caught a few fish on the way, broke down a few times but nothing permanant. The BSA was the funniest thing. It had been sitting in someones back yard for over a decade. We did manage to make it run though. Through the mountains, desert, rain and gravel. We never had a problem with it. Well, except for the magneto. A melted piece of electral tape caused a wire to ground against the subframe, thus shorting it out. From Jackson Hole back to OKC, the BSA had no lights. Oh well, who needs lights, right?
We stopped at a vintage rally in Utah and got kicked out, Yeee Haawww!!! We were on the road for three weeks.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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