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Just a few photos - it’s another manx from 1953 and one I’ve recently completed

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1953 this one.

Delivered to Joe Potts who prepared it to George Brown (later better known for riding Vincent engined Nero and Supernero).

George rode it in the 53TT but DNF’d after being taken out by a works Gilera (if you are going to crash best do it in style!). Later ridden by Bob Macintyre.

Full restoration this one and it needed it - battle scared and broken down best described it.




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A few more.

For interest and for those that would like to know this bike Has been restored to factory spec and the engine is standard Manx spec.



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Just a screen.......
It’s a fly screen pure and simple - you don’t want a bee hitting your face at 120mph as it really hurts from my experience.

You’ve got to mindfull that this bike was built in 1953, plexiglass was around but it was pretty rigid thick stuff and would splinter and crack jagged if damaged. It’s the very the last thing you need is a guillotine just under your neck in prang!

Modern Perspex and similar materials is far more flexible and much thinner and resilient to vibration which these bikes did in spade fulls.

As this is a period restoration it got original type equipment.
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