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just relaaaaax!!! well in maybe one of these

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just get plates that say cafe racer !

Im so far behind ,that I think Im in first.
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I like the Atom better. Mo' power (Integra Type R motor)

As fast around the road course as the Ferrari Enzo and 20,000 GBP (about $35,000).

I hate the morgan style look on the twintech, old morgans are cool...that twintech is gay.

an entire racing class for tech bike motors in 2 seat sports cars, and they look like old time dirt track cars. can't beat that.

The entire advantage to a "tech bike" motor is power to weight seems like a waste to me any time you are taking a motor and putting it in a heavier chassis than what it has been in, even if the lump it replaces made no where near the hp (example the hayabusa mini or smart car). When you take a car motor and put it in a lighter chassis then you really have something because you are increasing the efficiency of that motor. To put it simply, that hayabusa motor has to work harder to push the mini, where as the honda car motor is actually under less strain with the same performance numbers. Wanna guess which will last longer?

now I know that cars have the advantage in cornering over a bike but I doubt you will get something like that hayabusa mini to turn faster lap times than a standard hayabusa. I have no doubt that it will turn a faster lap time than a standard mini, but so will a turboed vtech honda motor in the same mini.

the other reason I don't like tech bike motors in cars is that they only have a 5 year shelf life. Car motors are built more durable because the mfg expects someone to ring 100,000 miles out of it. Bike motors these days are built to maximum performance because the mfg figures you'll wreck the bike long before the motor is at the end of its duty cycle. I mean how long to you really expect nikasil coated aluminum blocks with out liners to last anyway?
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1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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