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katana head on a gs550e?

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hello everyone, new to this fourm and love it, friendly and healpful people and information
i purchased a 79 gs550e for 1,000 with 14,000 miles very fun, runs great would like to do more modfications this winter and one of tehe is performance ,
i have seen some disccution on this but most is just re jet stuff im looking for a little more, i have seen some talk of putting different heads and carbs on the 550 bottom end spifically th 650 katana, but knowng there are mny different years of katanas i was wondering if anyone recomends a specific year or model that bolt on , also are there other head/carb combo i could try? (looking for around 70-80 hp)
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A 650e motor will probably bolt straight in (Suzuki was pretty good at keeping engine mounts the same). The 650e was a pretty rare beast over here (way more G's than E's), but appear to be much more plentiful in the US.

Or a 600 Bandit motor.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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