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Kawasaki S2 one owner

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I'm going to make an outrageous claim, this bike is one of the most original S2's around. Everything is as it left the factory except the plugs, battery and air in the tires. One owner 2400 miles I have the original title, the registration from 1971. I started the bike when I got it three years ago. Put a battery in it fuel and oil shot wd40 down the cylinders and was able to turn the bike over with my hand no plugs. The carbs and tank were put up properly 45 years ago. Everything works the bikes started but it might need the seal between the tranny and the bottom end. I love original, that's just me, I would never touch this bike. I fucked up and the original plugs got tossed. I hope it goes to some who will leave it like it is. The tires still had air after two years when I got back from Ireland. The owner told me he fell and broke his leg, daddy a rich oil man bought him a Cadillac and had the bike put up. I am missing the key, i forgot it the po was going to mail it but has passed. Next time I'm up that way I'm going to stop by the house and see if I can get it. I love this bike, don't need to sell it but I could use the room. $3000.00 Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Motor vehicle Car
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motorcycle Motor vehicle
the rubber to the air box is not missing I have it off to shoot pre mix if someone wants to see it start.
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That bike would look sick with some sweet high rise enduro bars !!!!!
That is a cherry Jruff, hopefully it will go to a collector.

Off topic; what is the flooring in your shop?
Nice bike. My first motorcycle at 16 was a '73 S2. Loved it!
Off topic; what is the flooring in your shop?
It is solid vinyl diamond plate Costco Has it 150.00 a roll took 3 rolls don't remember the brand but it's U.S. Made
My little S2 has found a home, after turning down people who wanted to change it I found the right guy
That's a beautiful stock s2.

I don't know if you solved your key problem, but kawi keys have codes and you can usually have one cut if you can find the code on the lock. a good locksmith should be able to do it.

I'm glad you found the right buyer for it.
I did end up getting the key from the family. Everything worked out.
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