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I'm building a B44 based cafe bitsa. I have a modified OIF B50 frame and 441 VS engine. One small problem has arisen, on which I would entertain opinions, especially any with "local knowledge".

I bent the original B44 kickstart arm forward to get it out of the way of my leg on the rear sets. All is great and wonderful until I try kicking over. I am using a B44 shooting start low exhaust pipe, which now is in the way of a full throw on the kickstart arm. The arm needs to be further out approximately 1 inch. I don't think I can bend the present arm rapidly enough to clear (due to the fact that it has to bend immediately after the mounting becuase there is only 1 inch clearance below the centerline of the kisk start quadrant).

Any suggestions? Has anyone encountered this themselves? Did the B44 shooting star use a different arm? A fold out unit would be the best, but space is limited above the exhaust pipe as well as laterally.

Worst case, I can cut this arm and reweld it further out, but if there is an easier way, I woudl be interested.

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