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KZ 1000

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So I've found a bike, my ultimate dream bike, a '77 KZ 1000. I know the guy that built it before the current owner, and he put 6 grand in it. Needless to say the bike is damn near perfect. Not stock, with mag wheels, big bore kit, Mikuni's and all that. but what is a bike like this actually worth? The guy is asking $2600. Is this top dollar or reasonable or what? I got the itch! It's getting pretty bad.

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Tough to say, but it could be the right money. If the work was done well and the bike hasn't been thrashed mercilessly, and it looks good and is reliable, then yeah, I think it's worth it. But... you probably won't get that kind of money out of it if you sell it later.

It's kind of the typical hotrod/racebike dilemma, buy someone else's for less money and hope they did the work right, or build it yourself and learn along the way why you should have bought their's for less...
Unless you like spending money and spinning wrenches and not riding because your bike is in a million pieces in the garage, waiting for the machine shop to finish the valve job, or the body shop to finish the paint job, etc etc...

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