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KZ1000J? Giuliari Seat

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I've got a NOS Giuliari seat that I believe is for a KZ1000J (the underside of the seat is stamped 1981) for sale.

I'll let it go for $300 shipped, or traded for something interesting.

I do have it on ebay right now but I'll sell it to a CR member with free shipping.

The only blemish is on the underside of the seat; the cover needs to be re-glued back to the front part of the seat pan. You can see it in the photo.
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Wonder if that would fit my 82' KZ440?
Hi Cataclism...I just need to check your measurements against mine and will let you know tonight. I need a seat for a '79 framed kz1000 project that is on the go right now!
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nope...doesn't look like it is gonna fit...easily anyway
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