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if i'm running both USCRA and WERA , with WERA using transponders, what would i need to track lap times at NHIS
(and maybe have a digital tach). i've seen lap times from WERA so i guess the that info is being recored with the transponders down there.

is there one unit that can do all three (transponder, lap times, tach)? or is there just a simple bike mounted lap timer? any ideas on options and set ups?

of course, at my pace, i could just use an egg timer.... or maybe a sundial.


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unfortunately with wera you have to buy the amb system. they put a wire in track to pick it up. unless nhih would put out their wire and have someone man the system you won't get times at nhis with uscra. i also have a ultralap by xt and love it. but again, wera requires a amb transponder. look at the wera classifieds, sometimes one shows up there.

of borrow one from joe c, when aaron isn't using it.

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