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Last call for the Giro

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OK, last thread on this. Who IS going to the spring Moto Giro??

The Ducati is almost together and I hope to start it tomorrow. Don't thing the Giro would be best for its maiden voyage. The Honda is ready to go. That old thing is so dependable (knock on wood) I could ride it the 2 hours down to Jersey, do the giro and ride it home.

Two weekends of motorcycling in a row! I love it! Heck, the lawn will wait...
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I will definitely be there. The weather looks great and the riding should be awesome!

I agree Jack! Can't get enough riding in. Luckily I don't have a lawn to mow:)
I will be up there on Friday night. Staying at the Appalachian Motel!

I am riding a Yamaha 100. It is so cute and has a push button start. I know wimpy, but that Ducati was rough last year!
haha Jack.....hope you weren't kept up. Those walls were paper thin. I heard someone snoring in the other room!

Ha I do remember passing you Champ. I also remember Fred's dramatic finish to the first Giro. You are a good sport Fred.

Rosko, can you make it out to hang with us? I am not sure what Saturday night holds, but I am sure it will involve a bunch of us!
Another Giro over and another great time was had. Big thanks to Bob Bove for putting on a kick ass event. The roads were cool and the company was great! Also I really liked the 1 hour and 45 minute drive home.

We had 29 bikes leave on Saturday morning. It was such a perfect riding day. The morning leg was 75 miles and the afternoon was 80. Thanks to everyone who helped my poor Yamaha. It was a hurting bike, but with everyones help, I was able to finish the day. Dad once again failed to finish his Fourth US Giro. Is he going for some record? The evening was topped off with a banquet and a free keg! Definitely a good time!

Sunday was a little bit chilly, but the first bike was off at 8:30 so no time to worry. We had a very nice ride to Orange County Choppers. The son, Paul Jr was actually seen pulling in, but turned around when he saw the crowd. Damn him! Anyway the day was topped with a nice ride back to the ski area where we had a BBQ and awards. had a strong showing with JackC, Jen D, Champ and myself riding. Jen and I had a kick ass time riding around together. Jack C also rode with us for some of Saturday. We teamed up with Robert and Ben who we met at the Giro last fall. They make the trek from Chicago to do this so none of us can really complain about driving far. Jen was a great sport. Her bike had an unfortunate oil mishap on Saturday so she rode the truck home. Luckily JackC came the rescue and loaned her another bike on Sunday so she could ride. We had a such a good time together. Look out boys, Jen rocks on a bike!

So after abandoning the good ol' Honda for the past two Giros, I rode her today, and she is the only bike that has gotten me to the finish line. I can't wait to ride again. I have been spoiled with two weekends of motorcycles. Luckily only two weeks till the Vintage Celebration.

There is so much more to say, but I am sure others can chime in on their experiences. All I know that I once again had another good time, and you all were missed!
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Ahh see you learn something new every day. I did not realize the DCH was Dale. Didn't mean to leave you out. Thanks again for the voltage meter on Saturday morning!

I think my Dad has finished most of the MotoGiros in Italy. I am not sure because I have never gone with them, and once again, I am not going to this one either. Family vacations like that ended a long time ago to save our sanity:)

Glad everyone made it home safe, sound and in one piece.
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