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Last call for the Giro

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OK, last thread on this. Who IS going to the spring Moto Giro??

The Ducati is almost together and I hope to start it tomorrow. Don't thing the Giro would be best for its maiden voyage. The Honda is ready to go. That old thing is so dependable (knock on wood) I could ride it the 2 hours down to Jersey, do the giro and ride it home.

Two weekends of motorcycling in a row! I love it! Heck, the lawn will wait...
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What an Amazing Giro Weekend!
Good Times
Beautiful Bikes
Awesome Roads
and even Better Company.

Thanks for DCH and Jack C for the trusted use of their 160's
You guys ROCK!
Dale sorry about that bolt coming out
I hope you can locate a replacement from one of your spare motors
That bike really gets up and goes.
She was running clean and strong until that bolt decided to get up and go!
I hope you have your daily ride back up soon.

Thanks for the privelage of letting me ride your Ducati with the Fresh engine rebuild
That was like getting on a time capsule.
Grabbing for that clutch control that was flying free on the bars added to the fun
As well as leaving an extra few hundred yards to come to a stop, waiting for that certain Shimmy that she does and switching over to right side GP shift

Jersey girl you da bomb diggity and it was so fun riding with you Ben Phil and Robert
Cant wait til Sept.
Maybe we can put together a team and give Team Motobi a run for their money- I mean plackard.
Tell your dad that whe I got home and went to ride my bike I thought of him
Kicking and kicking and that little trick i told him didnt work either
Darn it!
Finally got it and had that moment of - oh yeah- not gp!

TT glad that you could make it out to the bench races
( Complete with Sound effects from F Cherry- "He was like Vvvvrrrrom")
since we were mucking about in your back yard
Next time you will have to come out and ride with us

Champ thanks for lesson #1- wax on- wax off
Kerry and I took notes

To Everyone else Thanks for a killer weekend
See you in September

(ill post some pics in NYC vin moto soon)
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Not as many good pics as the Fall Giro but then again I was riding this time. Team 160 is looking mighty appealing. I know summer will go fast so if I cant muster the HS175 then sign me up for one of those 160s. I had such a great time.
Thanks again to all.
1 - 3 of 41 Posts
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