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Last call for the Giro

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OK, last thread on this. Who IS going to the spring Moto Giro??

The Ducati is almost together and I hope to start it tomorrow. Don't thing the Giro would be best for its maiden voyage. The Honda is ready to go. That old thing is so dependable (knock on wood) I could ride it the 2 hours down to Jersey, do the giro and ride it home.

Two weekends of motorcycling in a row! I love it! Heck, the lawn will wait...
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had to stick around this time and miss all the giro fun. was out doing a fifty miler on my bicycle yesterday and was smiling when i thought of you guys giro-ing. i'm with you in spirit and can't wait to hear all the stories about the one that got away from me. love you all.
hey guys,
don't get too cocky with that motobi/ducati assumption taco will be there in force in september. all it takes is a timer on the tank and a quick trip to the dpw cone annex dept to get tuned up. i might run my 175 instead of my 250 just to create a little tension in the lower ranks. also have a ringer in mind to ride what i don't to fill out the field. and no matter how the cone thing goes, the 250 metrallas are the class of the field when the wrist gets the maximum twist. you all will smell 32:1 premix.
in anticipation...
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