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Last call for the Giro

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OK, last thread on this. Who IS going to the spring Moto Giro??

The Ducati is almost together and I hope to start it tomorrow. Don't thing the Giro would be best for its maiden voyage. The Honda is ready to go. That old thing is so dependable (knock on wood) I could ride it the 2 hours down to Jersey, do the giro and ride it home.

Two weekends of motorcycling in a row! I love it! Heck, the lawn will wait...
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my trusty '65 cb160.

camping in the parking lot, with my 14 y.o. son, he's volunteering to work a check or the chase van.

the pickup mount will be the tough part, but we can take a look at it, go to radio shack and pick up a pack of 'rare earth' magnets, 2 bucks for 2, they're tiny, and strong, makes the 5mm distance a bit more flexible.
yes, a great time..Jack, com'n, it was just a brake lever, but glad to help, everyone has been so helpful to me over the past year, now get that bicycle computer working , I found it pretty helpful, ...when I had a chance to look at it chasing Champ and Fred..Jen, don't sweat it, I'll be looking at it today, will let you know if I'll be riding it to work this week, I'm just bumbed that it didn't carry you all the way, that bike has be so reliable for the past 15 years or so..I was standing around at each stop, ok where is she, hope she's ok...also was kind of a bummer to see the jap bikes in the truck..I want one of those Branson pipes for my next 160. Lots of adventures I'm sure others will bring up..Champ ?.

pass the ibuprofen

oh yes, and then there's Fred, there's something just not quite right with the boy...but he is the MAN to follow, I think he maybe missed 2 turns in 2 days..

that's o.k. Jersygirl, you're young, I forgive you....

btw all, the aforementioned 'bolt' turns out to be 'shift drum locating screw' and 'shift drum locating collar', already pulled one out of a set of cases here, clean up the oil, change the oil and it'll be back to my ride to work bike by the end of the day..

ha, champ, you team motobi's running scared..already trying to mess with<img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>


great pics jen
team taco, team160 luvs tacos...with a little soy sauce and rice wine...<img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

but don't get me wrong, I've got an alpina in the basement and an ossa in the garage..

I don't need a metralla, but I want one..I love the smell of castor in the morning.
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